Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life withOut

I was in Williamsburg Virginia for the last week of July and first few days of August, when I had to make sure that my registration for doctoral courses are completed. There are certain steps after registration that I had to take which needed internet connection, I also had some works that I liked to get done some times. Well yeah maybe I am not a fun person "Sometimes" but I am addicted to do my routines checking my e-mails and online calendar everyday, checking my different accounts and social media...But Guess What ?! Even though we stayed at a wonderful plantation with wonderful facilities they were charging people if they wanted to have wireless internet, and guess what? it was 70$ per week which sounded so unreasonable to me. Why?
That's not what I want talk about now ! so you can ask me latter but the fact that I decided to don't force myself to pay for something that I think is wrong or unreasonable.
I listened to US leaders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lady Washington, actors and actresses who did a great job to make me feel I am one of the immigrants who have arrived US or who lives in the time when they fight Britain.

I walked through the historical area and met people of different social class. My teenage cousins asked them questions such as "What do you use instead of an iPad" and the actors were so good in answering those questions from the point of view of the person who's role they are playing.

There were a lot of awakening moments for me in this trip. One was that we adopt ourself to the nature if we can't change it.